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Charlie Miller

Charlie has formal gunsmith training and holds certification from Modern Gun School, VT, Glock Armorer’s Course, as well as multiple specialty fields from American Gunsmithing Institute.

Charlie is a US Marine Vet with a lifetime of gun handling, hunting and training  experience. His attention to detail and thorough understanding of firearms, hunting & safety puts him a cut above the competition.


Our Services Include

  • Clean, inspect, and oil your gun
  • General Firearm repair back to factory specifications  
  • Drilling and tapping for scope and sight mounting  
  • Scope and sight mounting; long guns and pistols 
  • Shotgun Beads & Mid-beads 
  • Custom trigger work  
  • Recoil pads installed, adjustable Butt plates, sling swivels
  • Stocks shortened or lengthened  
  • Remove Stuck Casings
  • Appraisals- For insurance purposes or estate liquidation
  • Consignment sales 
  • FFL Transfer 

Online gun store

Firearms Sales

We are a Glock stocking dealer. One twist that other stores can’t provide is the warranty. Glock factory warranty is for one year. If you purchase a Glock from us, since we get them from Gallery of Guns, we offer a lifetime replacement warranty. He offers a constantly changing assortment of new and consignment firearms. Please check the store often and stop in.

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Monthly Unadvertised Specials

Here are a few rifles that are being offered at special prices-

  • Thompson Center- Compass-  .22-250, .243, .30-06- $339.00 ea
  • Savage Mod 42- .410/ .22LR- Take-down w/ backpack-  $399.00
  • Ruger SR-22- .22LR-   $349.00
  • Marlin XT-22-  .22LR w/ 4-12 x 50mm scope-  $279.00


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Consignment Gun Sales


Looking to sell your used firearms? Have a death in the family and wish to sell firearms legally? We have a large list of collectors and buyers who visit us regularly. Showcase your firearms with us and get it sold fast!

Firearms Appraisals


We can provide you with appraisals for insurance purposes or estate liquidation. We will thoroughly inspect your firearm and using the Blue Book of Gun Values determine a fair and reasonable price for the items.

On Line Catalogue


Our online catalogue features new & used long guns, handguns, lower receivers, rifles, shotguns, holsters  and more.

Something for Everyone


We carry a selection of ammo, holsters, cleaning supplies, targets and an ever changing selection of used long and handguns. Visit our online Catalogue, look over our newsletter or stop in.

Gun Store Newsletter


Read our current Newsletter for a list of all current new & used firearms and timely articles on many gun related topics.



Customer's commonly asked questions are answered here.

Personal & Home Defense training;

Continuously offered classes

Whether you have experience with firearms or are just considering buying one for protection…this class will give you the basis to make an informed decision. You will receive hands on instruction with various types of firearms (handguns & shotguns), using lasers and practice with dummy rounds. We also discuss various types of holsters, less than lethal defense products, proper loading & unloading, proper grip, sight picture, general firearms safety  and more.

The Details

The class runs for 2 hours and you will receive a manual and personal pepper spray at the end of the session. This class is designed for adults or responsible older teenagers accompanied by adult enrollment. Cost is $45.00 per person, small class size, please call to reserve your spot.

Call 610-779-5617 to schedule your class