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Questions about Framing Services


Why is custom framing so expensive?  

There’s always a cheaper alternative to everything in life. Custom framing is considered an art by itself and everything is customized to work with whatever you need framed and explicitly to your liking.  Different mats, frames, even the glass can change the appearance of your project and a knowledgeable and experienced framer can help you decide. There’s a lot of time and experience involved in every frame project I create.

Do I need to give a deposit?

Yes. I ask for at least 50% down at start of job and full payment at time of completion. Cash preferred but we accept checks (with proper ID) and accept most major credit cards.

How long till I get my finished frame?

It could take 2-4 weeks. We are open 4 days a week and sometimes the job comes in after I’ve placed my order, plus I work alone, hence a possible delay. I always ask my customers what their deadline is and if it’s a rush, I usually get it done on time. If I can’t I will tell you right away.

Questions about the Gun Store


How long does it take for a special order?

Two business days for a handgun, 2-4 days for a long gun.

What is the turn-around time for gunsmithing?

One to two weeks for most jobs.

Do you buy estates?

Yes, we can make a cash offer, or offer to sell the firearms on consignment.  We can visit your home if there are a large number of guns.

What is the charge for receiving firearms from internet purchases that are not your sale?

We charge $30.00 for the first firearm, and $10.00 each for any additional firearms on the same background check.

What is your charge for person to person transfers?

The same as internet purchases.

Do you take trade-ins?